Four Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

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by Fiona Harbour

We all have intuition but some of us don’t use it as often as others do. The more you use your intuition, the stronger it will become, and the easier you will be able to access it as a vital resource that you can rely upon. If you are interested in strengthening your intuition, you can begin by first strengthening your connection with yourself, and with your inner core essence.  And being in alignment with yourself.  Here are four ways to strengthen your intuition.

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  1. Practice Mindfulness: A regular mindfulness practice is helpful in reconnecting with your inner core essence, which will help you to strengthen your intuition. Your mindfulness practice can include times, activities, and a routine that works best for you. This may include a morning routine and or an evening routine, made up of mindfulness activities. Two examples of mindfulness activities are meditation and journaling. Meditation and journaling can strengthen your ability to “tune in” to yourself, align with your inner essence, and find balance.
  2. Creativity: A creative practice will help you to strengthen your intuition by connecting you with yourself, getting you into a state of “flow”, and helping you to feel more aligned with your playful inner self and balanced. Whether it is a visual arts such a painting, drawing, doodling, photography, or music, writing, or fabric arts, or crafts, however you choose to be creative will help you in this process.
  3. Spending time in nature: By being outside in nature we all feel more balanced and aligned. It’s good for our souls. It also will help bring you back to a place of connection with your inner essence which is vital for being able to listen to your intuition. A walk in nature can make our voice of intuition sound louder as we listen for it, and the sense of knowing, a deeper feeling. By taking regular nature breaks, we have a way to turn off the noise and distractions that can come with our busy lives, which can have a detrimental impact on our ability to strengthen and listen to our own intuition.
  4. Use it regularly: The more regularly and frequently you tune into and use your intuition, the stronger it will be and the louder it will be when you listen for it. Think of it as a muscle that gets stronger over time with regular use. Your intuition can be the same way. Not only will it become stronger but you will find it easier to access, the more you do use it.
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By practicing mindfulness, having a creativity practice, spending time in nature, and using your intuition regularly, you will find that you become more aligned with yourself and connected to your inner core essence. You will feel more balanced and you will find it easier to access your intuition as your voice of intuition resonates more loudly with you and becomes stronger.

To learn more about reconnecting with your inner essence and having a greater sense of well-being see: Meditations for New Beginnings

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