Embrace your Uniqueness

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by Amy Temple

*Embrace your uniqueness. Society has enough copycats. Be original.

*Be bigger, not bitter.  Use your hurts to help you grow as a person.

*Don’t allow other people’s insecurities to affect you. Be the bigger person and just walk away. 

*The best people to keep around are the ones who truly appreciate you.

*You can’t succeed in your past only in your present.

*You got to go live life and live it to the full.  It’s way too short to waste.

*Thrive on as a survivor.

*After a while, there is only so much you can take.  When you get to this point, speak up.

*Success comes when you learn from your mistakes and keep pressing forward.

*Truly listen to yourself.  You have more wisdom than you realize.

*Denial only exasperates pain, making it last longer than it needs to.  Vulnerability brings healing so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

*The wrong thing can be said with your actions whether it is intentional or not.  It’s all due to the mindset. You may mean to be pleasant but if your thoughts are filled with negativity, it’s going to show in how you interact.  Make sure to keep your mind free from the filth so you can bring out the best of yourself.

*Don’t allow others to make you doubt yourself.

*You never know when life is going to take you so don’t waste time trying to figure it all out.

*The best lessons are learned when we are silent.

*It is always the right time to chase your dreams.

*Be okay with letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.

*You get more out of life when you live with a positive mindset.

*Lead life with your heart not your mind.

*May success not be a substitute for kindness.  No matter how well you do in life, keep your heart full of love.

*Don’t make difficulties worse by complaining.

*The truth is the best way to live one’s life.

*So someone is not like you?  Well, great!  Embrace it and look at life through different eyes.

*The soul is the most sensitive part of you. Make sure you take care of it.

*Live life with faith and strength.  These are the best ways to live your life especially during difficult times.

*Some people just don’t have anything better to do than trying to put down others.  Don’t waste your time hanging out with them.  They’re not worth it.  Move on.

*Give no one permission to mistreat you. You are worthy of love and respect just like everyone else.

*Laughing together is the best cure for arguing.

*The best way to live is through hard work and faith.

*Life is much more enjoyable when grudges are being held.

*Fear is just the devil’s way of wanting to be in control.

*When you are truly yourself, you are the most innovative.

*You are going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again until you learn the lessons that come from them. 

*Thick skin is the best skin to have.

*Tough times don’t weaken you but make you stronger.

*Being around positivity grows you.  Being around negativity weakens you.

*Don’t let fear stop you from being your true self.

*Open yourself up to all possibilities and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

*Let God fight for you.  With each battle comes a victory.

*Surviving is a combination of hard work and faith.

*The journey is where the best life lessons come from.

*Don’t work too hard and forget about your blessings.

*The only affection that matters is what you give to yourself.

*It’s your life… nobody else’s.

*Constructive criticism is the best kind of advice to give and receive.

*Give yourself a break whenever mistakes are made.  You are only human.  Nobody’s perfect.

*Use the fear you are feeling as strength to get you through these trying times of adjustment.  Trust yourself to make the right decision.

*Keep on plugging especially during the most difficult times.  You are only being prepared for your best life.

*We have all experienced trying times. Let’s remember that before we walk in judgement.

*The most emotion we can ever express to each other is love.

*Be wise in deciding your future.

*We need to let go of the need to be people pleaser so we can live our best lives possible.

*God will never leave you nor forsake you.  He will always be right by your side.

*Enjoy every day you have.  It’s a very special gift to be alive.

*God has plenty of surprises for you.

*Relax. Slow down.  It will come to you in due time.

*Worry is the biggest strength zapper.

*You want it to come true?  You have to do the work.

*God’s path is more enjoyable than where we think we want to go.

*Trust in God.  He has you in the palm of HIs hand.

*It’s not easy accepting that some people will reject you.  However, learn to keep on plugging and rely only on those who fully support you.

*The best lessons come when not in school.

*Be the author of your own life.

*May we be wise to use this gift to be our best selves.

*In order to start over, you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone.

*May our attitude always be bright.

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