Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Rebecca Neale
Posted on March 14, 2017

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How do you afford to eat that way all the time? People are always asking me that… and it’s a fair question as I am a full-time student on a very low income. Organic meat, organic vegetables and fruits, I only eat foods of quality in abundance of variety… but how?

Well, it’s very simple. I see food as an investment, an investment into my health, my future, my one-day-to-be family’s future. I could spend my money on other things, sure, but my priority is to sustain the healthy life I have and continue to nourish my mind and body with goodness.

According to stats found in a Forbes Article online: “In the past, feeding our families took a much bigger bite out of American budgets and it hardly ever included dining out. In 1901, according to a 1997 Bureau of Labor Statistics study, the average family spent almost half of their budget on food. Just 3% of that went to meals away from home. Today, we only spend an average 13.3% of our budgets on food–but 42% of that money is spent in restaurants”.

Of course, people can’t afford organic meat and veggies if they only allocate approximately 13% of their budget them! If people stopped eating out so much, they would be able to afford to eat well on a regular basis in their homes, leaving dining out as a treat for special occasions or only once every now and then. Quality food should be your number one priority, just think – you will save money on doctors’ bills if you eat better, which in turn means more money in the kitty for the weekly shop.

See below my top 5 tips for a healthier, more organic lifestyle:

1.  If you can’t buy all organic fruits and vegetables, check out what should be top priority when it comes to organic

The guys at EWG have put together a shoppers’ guide to pesticides in produce. Here are lists to check what fruits and vegetables should be your top priority (and what definitely should not be) when buying organic:
•  The Clean 15
  •  The Dirty Dozen

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