Being a High-Value Woman: A Journey, Not a Destination

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by Sristi Mukherjee

Being a high-value woman isn’t an overnight achievement. We know that everything worthwhile takes time. However, our hustling-bustling attitude to win all our rat races often exacerbates the challenge.

True empowerment goes far beyond these rat races. It’s a journey from self towards the higher self, from ignorance to knowledge, from weaknesses to strengths.

Real empowerment is about turning your weaknesses into your greatest strengths. This doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re ready to experience your new best version with consistent patience in the coming days, then this article is for you.

I’m sharing my views based on both my learnings and personal experience, so that you can also cultivate your own journey.

1. Prioritize Your Dream First

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Dear girls, never settle for less. Life is ever-expanding and always exquisite. You have the right to live your life exquisitely too.

No matter what challenges you may face in your day-to-day life, try to be a little more patient.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to fulfill your dreams and passion. Nobody is going to do that favor for you. You have to break all the barriers inside and outside, one by one, with strong willpower, focus, and determination.

If you continue, you’ll see a massive, positive change in yourself.

2. Say ‘No’

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Yes, indeed. None of us can make everyone happy. It’s our duty to use and invest our time properly. We have to manage our time with proper prioritization.

Don’t be a people-pleaser. You’ll get nothing but regret and disappointment from this.

So next time, act wisely and say no to what doesn’t serve your highest good. Your productivity and focus will intensify, making you more confident and positive in life.

3. Exercise & Meditation

woman holding a hand on her heart and stomach meditating. Wearing exercise gear.

Don’t skip these in your daily routine. Allocate at least 30-45 minutes every single day to exercise and meditate.

Regular exercise improves blood circulation, strengthens nerves and muscles, and increases the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine. Beyond building a strong body and outstanding physique, it also makes you happy.

Meditation helps declutter your mind, allowing you to make wise decisions with more clarity and confidence.

Both exercise and meditation have a huge impact on our mind, health, wealth, and overall growth and well-being.

4. Eat Wisely

Woman in the kitchen eating a healthy breakfast with an orange.

Choose your diet plan wisely. You can consult a nutritionist to create one that suits your needs and goals. What, when, and how much you eat greatly impacts your health, mind, and life.

5. Educate & Achieve Financial Freedom

Successful woman acheiving financial independence

Always be hungry for growth and education. Don’t forget to give back to society through the implementation of this knowledge.

Seek opportunities to build your finance and wealth. Educate yourself financially to achieve financial freedom and ultimately live a prosperous life.

Be proud of your choice to be more empowered.

Initially, you may feel stuck at times. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Let go of your past.

Be patient on your self-development journey and eventually, you’ll be an inspiration to others. Love your spirit.

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