7 Ways To Tackle Tinnitus

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by Guy Lamy

When I discovered that my ears were constantly ringing, I became a daypire (Daytime vampire). I would wake up in the mornings glad to find another arduous night behind me. My relief, however, would be brief as I knew the night would inevitably return, and my battle would resume.

So I would spend my days tired and tense, worrying constantly about the night ahead of me.

I became a prisoner to my tinnitus and I wanted so desperately to escape. The fact it is a life sentence was unacceptable to me.

So I came to a compromise if a cure was impossible, could I somehow make it more manageable. Something had to be done before I went insane.

I took some steps, got some good advice and now I am better than ever. Check out the following steps that helped me conquer my tinnitus.

1. Visit Your Local GP

Even though tinnitus has no reliable cure (as of yet), you should definitely pay a visit to the doctor if you have not already. Constant ear ringing does not equal tinnitus all the time, nor is frequent exposure to loud sounds the only way you can get it. You may be suffering from a condition that is causing it.

Don’t diagnose yourself, see a professional stat.

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2.  Drown it out (Sound Therapy)

The ambient noises of daytime are usually loud enough to dwarf the ringing, it is not until night that the monster decides to come out an play. When you go to bed, turn on an audiobook or play some gentle music, even turning on a fan can work.

It may sound counterproductive to add more sound to the mix but this solution works. The ringing will be drowned out and your comfort levels will rise as you listen to something you enjoy, improving your chances for a good nights rest. You do NOT have to do this every night for the rest of your life, as you improve you can gradually wean yourself off sound therapy.

I was listening to audiobooks long before I had tinnitus. The voice actors typically have very gentle voices that are conducive for sleeping. Particularly Stephen Fry.

3. Protect your Ears

The last thing anyone wants is for the ringing to worsen. Fortunately, this is not too difficult to accomplish.

If you are fond of using headphones to listen to music, check the volume and ensure you are playing at a safe level.

If you are a musician or involved in a career where loud sounds are part of the territory then consider wearing plugs while at work.

The good news, you can still go to gigs and clubs, however, it may be wise to keep your distance from the speakers.

4. Keep your Mind Occupied

Thinking about the ringing in your ears can make it ten times worse than it actually is. Occupy your brain by thinking about something else, if it helps undertake a task that requires strong focus like reading a book.

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5. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes can negatively impact the flow of blood in your ears, causing or worsening the effects of tinnitus. If you can minimize or eliminate this substance from your life, then you may see an improvement. (Prevention.com)

6.  Speak to Someone

Tinnitus is relatively common, odds are you have a friend or family member who also suffers from it. Talking about it with someone you know will be a massive help to your wellbeing as you can reaffirm the fact that you are not alone. Furthermore, you can learn more tips and strategies from someone who has been where you are, to better improve your ability to sleep.

Alternatively, you can see a therapist or a related expert.

7. Go to bed earlier

Going to bed earlier than you are accustomed to can be a pain, especially if your free time is limited by the constraints of a busy schedule. However, until you get used to the ringing you are going to need all the z’s you can get. Sleep deprivation will impair your ability to function in the daytime and will gradually worsen over time if not properly addressed.

Maintaining a good sleep routine will work wonders for your health and wellbeing which can be of benefit to the ringing.

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