Finding Success through Self-Esteem and Worthiness

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The Author
Zoe Petrak
Posted on September 12, 2017

Everything in life is a matter of perception.

You have your own perception of the world around you. You have a relationship with everything. You have a relationship with your career, with money, with your success and with the people around you.


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However people often forget, the most important relationship is with yourself.

We all have habitual opinions about ourselves; feelings and thoughts about our abilities, our talents, our attractiveness, our finances, our communication skills etc.

Have you ever consciously thought about your self-perception? What do you think and feel about yourself? What do you think and feel about your abilities or talents? What are your beliefs about what you can or can’t do, how much you can earn, how worthy you are?

How do you treat yourself with your own judgments, feelings, and thoughts?

Have you ever thought about your inner self-image?


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Nevertheless, the topic of self-acceptance is pretty significant if your goals are success, financial freedom and overall happiness.

It is really difficult for people with low self-esteem to aim for the stars. If you feel guilty, unworthy, incapable and useless; if you feel you are unable to do what you want, most likely you won’t be able to achieve it.  

How can others treat you well if you don’t treat yourself with care and respect?

We are vibrational beings. We think thoughts that put us in a specific vibration that manifests as certain emotions. We attract others according to our vibrational output and radiate certain vibes that draw people on the same wavelength.

Therefore, your inner state and thoughts about yourself play an important role in what you attract and what you experience. You must tune into a vibration that allows you to unlock your full potential.

There are many false, negative inner beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your life. They influence your habitual vibration and your point of attraction. We are often harsh on ourselves, by comparing our image to that of others. Negative feelings of self-doubt and insecurity can block us for living our best life.

When you let go of these negative, limiting and false inner beliefs, you release the resistance they create; resistance to the natural flow of well-being that is always present within you. You can feel better and you thrive naturally and easily.

When you think thoughts about yourself, your abilities, the people around you, that are in alignment with the higher and broader part of you; when you think and feel from your emotional ‘center’, you feel joy and are filled with serenity, love and appreciation. You are open to the free flow of well-being that constantly flows to and through you. Your journey becomes as joyous as its destination and you feel real love, worthiness and appreciation of who you really are. 

Man and Woman shaking hands

This is an amazing practice that can help you let go of your negative, false inner beliefs. It will help you release resistance and be more open to the free flow of Wellbeing, Joy and Prosperity.


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