Romantic Couples Yoga

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Posted on April 20, 2017

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.
~ Jason Crandell 


Couples Yoga Exercise:


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1.  Back-to-Back Bound Angle

Take a sit with your partner back to back with your bottom of feet touching together and let knees fall apart. If it stretches your leg muscles too much you can just cross your legs comfortably. Make sure you and your partner undergo 5 to 10 minutes of stretching prior. Your partner can start to lean back as you gently push forward into a forward bend, both partners can communicate with each other and try adjusting the strength of leaning. Take control of your breathing, breathing out when you’re bending forward and breathing in when you’re leaning back. Take turns in leaning back and bending forward for 5 to 8 times.




Back to Back Yoga

Couples Yoga


2.  Couple’s Tandem Boat

Take a sit facing each other, bend your knees and press bottom of your feet together with your partner. Grab each other’s hands and make a bridge in between you and your partner, slowly lean back, lengthening legs and reaching feet upward to a modified boat posture. The challenge is in keeping the balance and avoid letting go of hands.


Couples Yoga


3.  Supported Back Stretching

Stand back to back with your partner and hook your elbows into your partner’s, the partner who is supporting will have to bend their knees and try to engage their core. Lean forward as the other partner leans back into you. Eventually, the partner who is getting supported will lean far enough that their feet will come off the ground. Release slowly and repeat, switch positions. The tip in this move is to trust each other and fully being supported by your partner.

 Support Back

Emotional Benefits

Couples Yoga is about trusting your partner and empowering each other to strengthen the relationships. Increasing the connection with your partner as you learn to balance between letting go and support. Enhance the communication and be open to having faith in each other for their support in each of the yoga poses. Nothing intense and extreme, relax each other’s mind and body into the world of romantic yoga.


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