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Stretching your muscles before you sleep helps you to iron out any kinks or knots that may have accumulated during the day. Stretching helps you to relax and when you are relaxed you have a better nights sleep, including being more likely to sleep through the night.

The Upper-Back and Shoulder Stretch

Face each other and hold each others’ wrists. Step apart, bend the knees and squat down, drawing your hips away from one another. Keep your gaze on the floor while keeping the neck relaxed.

Lower-Back Release

Lie face-up with your partner holding your ankles. Stay relaxed and keep your hips on the floor while your partner gently swings your legs side to side in an arc pattern for 30 to 60 seconds.

Chest Stretch

Stand with your back to your partner with your arms by your side but with your palms forward. Then, have your partner hold your arms just above the wrists. Lean forward as they step back and gently pull your arms up.


Couple Stretch


Emotional Benefits

These stretches are designed for couples to help build trust in each other and strengthen their relationship while helping both individuals relax and reduce sleeplessness. Stretching relaxes both the body and the mind and can easily be done right before bed, leading to a deeper and better night’s sleep.

Physical Benefits

Stretching helps to strengthen posture, flexibility and stamina and improves energy levels. Incorporating stretching into your daily routine is important to assist the body in functioning at it’s prime. In addition, it can help to relax the muscles, increase blood flow and ensure nutrients are delivered to the cartilage and muscles.


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