How to Get a Great Workout

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Posted on November 8, 2019

You may already have a good exercise routine but would like to know that for the energy you are expending you are getting the best results. The good thing is, it might be easier to enhance your workout than you think! Start by reviewing your current workout situation and see if you can make some improvements…

Step-by-step guide

  1. Keep your workout short! An exercise routine of around 30-45 minutes not only allows you to feel motivated to continue working out on a day to day basis but also means your body is performing at a high intensity during the entire workout. If you limit your breaks in between exercises it keeps your heart rate elevated and your body in an active state, so you are burning more calories. 
  2. Lift lighter weights for more repetitions. Resistance training is a very effective form of exercise as it builds strength and endurance, using; free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, resistance bands and even your body weight. Recent studies have shown the benefits of using light weights for more repetitions until your muscles are tired, and over time adding more weight. 
  3. Use your phone as a workout tool. Smartphones can do various things to boost your workout; from tracking your heart rate to calculating the distance you have run. You can also download “workout music” to make your exercise fun and motivating. 
  4. Mix strength and cardio exercises into one workout! By performing a strength set, followed by a cardio interval you are maximising your bodies potential; improving both your metabolism and muscularity. 
  5. Use your bodyweight! Doing exercises that only require your body mean they can be done any time, any place and there are fewer excuses to skip your workout. Push-ups, leg raises, mountain climbers, plank hip dips and lunges are all examples of exercises that only require the movement of the body. 
  6. Keep hydrated and rested! Maintaining your body to be strong and healthy comes from taking care of it before, during and after your workout. 8 hours of sleep a night and 2 litres of water a day nourishes the body and increases wellness. 
  7. Build-up your workouts over time! By adding extra reps, more weight and challenging exercises to your workout routine, you will keep it fresh and stop your body from plateauing, so you can continue to build and tone your muscles. 

Tip: It is important to keep your workouts as regular as possible, even having designated days that fit into your schedule. 

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