The Abundance Mindset

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Gretchen Hydo International
Posted on June 20, 2018

We throw around the word abundance in self-help and improvement communities sometimes. We say you can “live in abundance”, “enjoy abundance”, and “live abundantly.” But what does that really mean?

As we all know, words can mean any number of things. It’s important for us to understand the context and purpose of a conversation in order to properly engage with the idea at hand. Abundance, as defined by the dictionary, is simply “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply.” Or, in simpler terms, abundance means more than enough.

Having a mindset of abundance is an absolute life-changer when it comes to your motivation and well-being. In our society of accomplishment and success, we’re often groomed to believe there is not enough. We don’t have enough. We don’t work hard enough. We are not enough.

This approach, while one may think it would encourage us to work harder and become more driven, actually has the opposite effect. It is discouraging and breeds discontent.

An abundance mindset, on the other hand, focuses on our perspective and encourages us to live as though there is enough of everything we need.

What blocks us from having this mindset? One of the most common blocks is our own secrets. Our secrets keep us from living authentically—which in turn blocks us from meaningful relationships and causes us to question our worth. This keeps us from taking risks, earning the money we deserve, and building the community we need to thrive.

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