Relax to Feel Peaceful

woman sits beside open window in peaceful room holding mug looking at sky
by Deborah Tyson

The other day had just woken up, and my head felt like it was going to explode as it was so full of thoughts. It was not a great way to start the day. I had not even gotten out of bed yet, and I felt stressed, drained and lethargic thanks to all these thoughts going around and around in my head. No space to let joy, creativity, and peace into my body. So I decided that I would consciously make a difference to my state. I accepted that my head was full of thoughts as I felt to criticise the way I was thinking, would create, further unsupportive thoughts and resistance!

My acceptance of where I was at immediately helped my body to relax. The relief created a little space in my mind, and I was then able to shift my attention to my body. My toes, my abdomen, my chest, I began to focus on my chest, and this increased the relaxation and sense of space I was feeling in my body.

Then rather than not wanting to get out of my bed because I was stressed, I did not want to get out of my bed because of the delicious connection to the peace and joy I was experiencing within.


You can consciously change your internal state by being aware of what is going on for you. Stress, anxiety and depression do not have to be part of your world. They are not your natural state, in fact, they are all an illusion—a state of mind.

By leaning to accept how you feel in the moment, you are validating and loving yourself exactly as you are. This helps you to relax and create SPACE for divine energy to flow into your body. This energy is the source of your wisdom and will give you the answers you need, while allowing you to connect to your natural state of peace and happiness.


What are you thinking right now? How do you feel right now? Accept things exactly as they are. What effect does this have on your body? Tune into your body rather than focusing on your mind. Re-centre yourself as you need to, throughout the day (particularly at the beginning of the day), so that living from your peaceful, loving nature is a natural way of being.

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