I Can’t Feel God’s Love for Me

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by Dr. Margaret Paul

Discover the secret to feeling God’s love for you.

“When I open to my spiritual guidance, aren’t I supposed to feel loved by God?” asked Tracey in a Skype session with me.

“Yes,” I answered, “but you might have a misconception about how you experience this love. When do you feel love in your heart?”

“I feel the most love when I’m playing with my nephews.”

“So when you play with your nephews, your heart is open — right?”

“Yes. I love them so much and I love playing with them.”

“Tracey, this is what it feels like to feel God’s love. When your intent is to love, your heart opens and fills with God-which-is-love. And the same thing will occur when your intent is to love yourself. Can you imagine wanting to love yourself and take loving action on behalf of the beautiful little child within you the way you love your nephews?”

“I think that’s a problem for me,” she said. “It’s easy for me to want to be present with them and give them love and attention, but it’s hard for me to want to do this for myself.”

“Why do you think this is?”

“I don’t think I’m worth it.”

“So if you had a daughter who was just like you were as a child, would you say that she wasn’t worth loving?”

“Oh no! I would never say that. I would love loving her!”

“Tracey, this is why you are not feeling God’s love for you. In order to feel the love, your heart needs to be open, and when you are in your ego wounded self, judging yourself as unworthy of love, your heart is closed and you can’t feel God’s love for you. You have to take loving action on your own behalf in order to feel God’s love for you. So, right now, take a deep breath and focus inside. What are you feeling right now?”

“I feel a bit anxious.”

“Please ask your little girl what you are telling her right now that is causing her to feel anxious.”

Tracey does this and reports that she is telling herself that she has to do this right.

Pressure Toward Ourselves to do Things ‘Right’ Creates Anxiety

“So when you put pressure on yourself to do it right, you feel anxious, and the anxiety is your inner guidance letting you know that you are telling yourself a lie. Remember, your feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and shame let you know that you are off track in your thinking. They let you know that your inner little girl is feeling abandoned by you. Right now she is feeling abandoned by you because you are telling her that she is not okay unless she performs and does this right. Now, open to learning with your guidance and ask, ‘Is this true that my worth is in doing something right?’

Tracey does this, and then states, “My Guidance is showing me how sweet and kind my little girl is, even if she doesn’t do something right.”

“Can you embrace her for her sweetness and kindness right now? Can you hold her in love, bringing her into your heart?”

“Yes, I can!”

“How does that feel?”

“It feels great! I feel warmth and peace in my heart.”

“Now you are feeling God’s love for you, because you are loving yourself!”

“I think I’m getting this! I can’t feel God’s love for me when I’m not loving myself. When I judge myself and put pressure on myself to do everything right, I can’t feel God’s love because my heart is closed to it. But when I’m loving myself, I feel God’s love for me! This is great!”

“Yes! This is what happens when you practice Inner Bonding!”

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