How to Develop a Peaceful Mind

in StressJune 26, 2016
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Your mind is your most powerful tool in building the life you want. When you are stressed or overwhelmed by circumstances, retraining your mind can allow you to remain peaceful, regardless of what is going on around you. Below is a toolbox of skills that you can draw on, which will serve you, as the situation requires.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Observe your inner world: by sitting quietly and taking your attention inwards to observe your thoughts and feelings. Separate yourself from your thoughts—you have thoughts, which are not your thoughts. Just as you have feelings, which are not your feelings, your true self is the stable, consistent observer of your thoughts and feelings. Tap into this peaceful, calm and still place.
  2. Rest in awareness: by choosing not to think for a while. Give yourself a rest! In this state, you will physically feel your mind relax, as the tension from thinking is released from your head.
  3. Focus your attention on your breath: as this will calm your mind. Calming your mind can be done anytime, anywhere; when the mind is restless use meditation to transform your life to a moving meditation of joyWoman meditating
  4. Develop focus by not worrying about the past or future, but instead, fully engaging in the present. When you do this, the energy consumed by thinking the worst, or mental looping (thinking the same negative thought over and over), can be used to enjoy your life!
  5. Practice thoughts of acceptance: as this will help you to relax and see situations more clearly. Ways in which you can do this are:•  I accept my past.

    •  I accept my life is changing.

    •  I accept I’ve done my best with the skills I have.

    •  I accept I don’t like this situation.

    •  I accept I can/cannot change this situation.

    •  I accept that I feel insecure right now.

    •  I accept my relationship has changed.

    •  I accept that I am strong and can rebuild my life

  6. Go beyond the instability: that your thoughts and emotions can create by; meditating on the go. Calming your thoughts can be done anytime, anywhere; while walking or driving, for example. Your mindfulness is all that is meditating
  7. Activities: such as yoga, qi gong, gardening, sports, hobbies, being in nature, and doing things you love are all great at quietening restless thoughts and creating a peaceful mind.

Tip:  Meditate every day at around the same time to make it a routine; like brushing your teeth. As you make more space in your inner world by calming your thoughts, your outer world will open up, and you will magically seem to have more time!

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