Are You Shielding Others from Burnout?

Shot of a businessman experiencing stress while working in a modern office
by Sally McGrath

Are You Shielding Others from Burning Out?

If we as individuals are feeling burnt out then is it any surprise that leaders are too? For the last two years (at least), additional pressure and responsibility has been placed on leaders to fix, support and manage additional and excessive workloads, as well as continue to show up for their regular roles and associated responsibilities.

Leaders, require as much support as the individuals they lead.

Burnout has been an issue long before the global pandemic, and will continue to be if our approach to work and life remains the same. With the collision of work and life, blurred boundaries and excessive expectations of self, others & productivity, we’ve little opportunity to disconnect and constantly feel pressure to remain “switched on”.

Workaholic and burnout behaviours are frequently learned behaviours that have become so ingrained in us that we don’t identify they’re actually causing us (and our health) harm. Many clients I see, have observed excessive working as the way to succeed in careers and business, to the point it’s seen as normal and in some workplaces, expected, a problem that has been perpetuated for decades, across generations, to and through organisations, and it’s time to take action and stop working ourselves (literally) into the ground.

Burnout treatment and prevention is our individual responsiblity – there is alot that we as individuals can do to make improvements in our own lives and our workplace/s. 

We can all own our part to treat, prevent and stop the burnout cycle by changing firstly, our own behaviours, expectations and the way we work. As soon as we become aware of the behaviours that lead to burning out – we can begin to take action and create, positive & sustainable change.

It’s time to take action and stop working ourselves (literally) into the ground.

Eventually we’ll create a ripple effect through work and life, so we can actually live rather than (barely) exist. It’s time for all of us to stop accepting that working excessive hours is the “new normal” just because the way we work has changed, fundamentally.

The positive news is we now have heightened awareness of burnout. Now it’s time to take action, and identify the behaviours that lead to burning out, one step at at time, to prevent and stop yourself from burning out.

Beating burnout is an achievement.

Remaining burnout free is

Work & Life in Synergy.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your own treatment and/or prevention of burnout, I’ll outline how can a burnout coach help you treat & prevent burnout without quitting your job… so that you can feel in control and feel good at work (and in life) every day.

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P.S. Take a look at the burnout battery to identify signs and symptoms of burning out.

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