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How Coaching and Mentoring Drives Success

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How are you progressing with your goals?

Are you making headway or do you feel something is holding you back from taking the next step?

It’s no secret that anyone pursuing a goal dream will undoubtedly stumble upon roadblocks, and setbacks at some point. This is natural, yet in my experience coaching many hundreds of people, this is a key area that holds people back from progressing to the next step. Let me tell you why. Many of us perceive resistance and chaos as a setback where in fact it is real progress because we are pushing past our comfort zone. What you interpret as deleterious is the resistance you feel moving to the next level.1

One of the key factors when coaching clients is helping them to understand The Change Cycle. When we recognise that change is difficult at its best, it takes the pressure off believing our setbacks are permanent. They are anything but permanent and normally related to developing key skills, proficiencies and the right frame of mind to move past the sticking point to reach our goals.

Today’s article is about the value of Coaching And Mentoring to help you drive success and reach your goals. Coaching and mentoring helps you to consider situations from an entirely new perspective. You may look to others in your field for guidance and advice, or family members and loved ones. Unless they have a particular ability and interest in your field, the advice given can often be hit or miss. I don’t say this to devalue other people’s advice, however we need to be targeted and specific in whom we call upon for guidance. For example, I work with a mentor who is an internationally acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and coach for over thirty years. His guidance has been invaluable in accelerating my success by inviting me to look at situations through a different lens; he sees what I don’t.

For those of you who have been following my articles on Medium, thank you for your support. I trust the material has giving you what you need to accelerate your success and fuel your personal growth. I truly believe in the message espoused through my writing, not only because I live it and breathe it for the past decade, but because I have seen it transform people’s lives.

If you are looking to take your success to the next level, irrespective of whether it be personal or professional, I hope you will consider the role of Coaching and Mentoring within that mix. In recent weeks, I have reduced the price of my hourly rate which you can find HERE. The reason being, I want to make it more accessible because I believe in the value it brings to people’s lives. If this is something that appeals to you, send me a message and I will reach out to you to organise a suitable day and time to meet via Skype. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching people from all walks of life, ranging from: CEOs, senior executives, barristers and solicitors to stay at home mums and self-employed entrepreneurs. The common theme amongst these people is the willingness to move out of their comfort zone and experience growth to reach their goals, dreams and highest ambitions.

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