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I was running a workshop the other day, and a woman asked whether she needed to forgive herself to be able to increase her confidence.
My answer was... 'Absolutely!'

I have been in the confidence game for a long time now and I have NEVER experienced anyone increasing their confidence, from judgement and criticism. Not one, tiny bit!

You see, increasing your confidence just doesn't work like this so, isn't it interesting that we fall into this trap so quickly and easily? You'd think we would eventually learn to never do that to ourselves... but we don't.

You are NOT going to get a breakthrough in your life, your behaviour or your confidence by subjecting yourself to more judgement and criticism.
Instead, you need to feel proud.

You need to get wins on the board.

You need to see yourself moving in a positive direction because of the choices you make.

Yes, you need to get through the tough times, the mistakes and the times you monumentally stuffed it up... but the best practice is to move through them quickly, take the learning and move the hell on!

More judgment and criticism will NEVER help you... they never HAVE helped you and realistically, they have likely have caused you more harm every single time you subject yourself to it.

Be kinder to the most influential person in your life...


x Jodie

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