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by Deborah Tyson

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The other day I was doing my grocery shopping, at the end of a busy day. My mind was stressing and straining and had “run away from me.” I found myself lost in thought, feeling worried and anxious. I was aware of what was happening, yet couldn’t seem to control it or stop it. I was trapped by my mind! I found everything an effort—focusing at the checkout, chatting with the lovely guy running the groceries through the register and getting all the groceries into the trolley.

As I was leaving, I walked by the flowers and only to become aware of a beautiful scent wafting up from the roses. It snapped me out of the pain and suffering created by my mind! I bent down to smell the flowers—they were exquisite! The scent entered my nostrils and infused itself throughout my overworked mind—I felt instantly relaxed.

Rose bush

I set off down the escalators feeling calmer, happier and in control. I was no longer obsessing and worrying. I was instead in a state of conscious awareness (love and peace beyond the thinking mind!) Suddenly the answer I was looking for previously (by worrying and stressing) came to me in an inspired moment when I was not thinking! I had gone beyond the power of my thinking mind, relaxed and was open to receiving the answer from the greatest power source on earth—the Universal Mind.

Beauty is around us all the time. A stressed and over-thinking mind takes us away from experiencing the inherent beauty of life that is around us all the time. However, just by developing the ability to observe your thoughts and to re-centre it when it “has run away from you,” ultimately gives you emotional freedom. There are lots of techniques that can be used to do this: meditating, sport, cooking gardening and connecting to nature (which mirrors the stillness and peace of your essential nature). How you re-centre yourself is up to you, however, it is important to develop a technique that is right for you to train your mind to be still. Creating a calm mind is your ticket to freedom from mental entrapment.

I had direct experience of the benefits of smelling the roses!

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