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Hi, I found your website searching for creating bliss on Google and hope you can help. I would be very happy for your opinion on what i am experiencing. I posted the question on a forum and I did not feel I got a good answer because no-one responding had the similar experience it seems to me.

I have now been meditating for over 400 days in a row and doing yoga in periods of this time. Before this time on

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Posted By Hhk Hhk in Spirit on April 13, 2018

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    Hi Hhk, what you are experiencing is very exciting, you are tuning into your energy field and the greater collective consciousness. Yoga and meditation can help to "quicken" and facilitate this process as can walking in nature, being in flow with a conversation that resonates with your soul, or when you consciously choose your thoughts.

    The energy that you feel, when you are in balance and connected can also be referred to as Shakti. Shakti is the energy of The Universe, also known as Life Force, Universal Intelligence, Collective Consciousness, God, Prana, or Chi, for example. This energy is alive and vibrant and  supports your well-being and feelings that your life is of value and has meaning.

    The energy you feel rising from your base chakra is Kundalini energy rising, that connects you to The Life Force. Kundalini is a term from ancient Indian times, that is energy that has been coiled since birth at the base of your spine. (It is present in everyone). In some, it will lay dormant until death, where it will uncoil and return to the source. In others it will uncoil during their life time and it sounds like this is happening to you.

    Spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, or a life event can trigger kundalini awakening. From what you describe you are also learning to consciously tap into the life force that is awakening in you. Kundalini can awaken gradually or it can be spontaneous and explosive.

    Usually a Kundalini awakening offers a profound opportunity to those called to follow a spiritual path. This path usually involved letting go of layers and defences that are part of your conditioning, revealing your true, authentic empowered self. Tapping into the power of your intentions and the ability to connect with the Universal Life force is part of this process. Tuning into the wisdom of the collective consciousness allows you insights and knowings in relation to your true path and purpose in life.

    My awakening was spontaneous and I like you did not understand it initially. However it has led me on this path, where I now connect with like minded individuals on my site and help to facilitate and support others on their personal journey. 

    More and more people on our beautiful planet will experience awakenings as humanity evolves in a wise, loving and conscious way. Please let me know if you have any further questions.




    Deborah Tyson on April 13, 2018

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    Thank you so much for the response- I just wonder, why me, I am not the "best" person, i am not the purest one, but I have been trying since the starting of my awakening 9 years ago to be a good person... I really have

    Lots of stuff happened in my late teens. When I was 18-23 I was in complete darkness, meaning that I was not able to be myself because of health issues such as big sleeping disorders...  I slept only 2-3 hours a night for a few years and was totally broken down. On the worst time when I was finally able to be sleepy and drift away after maybe 4-5 hours in bed, I felt an electric charge building up in my throat chakra, and give me an electric shock. This only happened over a couple of weeks, but for a 20 year old man in totally darkness, this was no fun I can tell you that. But Before I turned 18 I was very very happy, maybe more happy then most people, so I did everything in my power to find happiness again and heal myself. What I knew was eating healthy and exercising, so I did even when I felt totally worn down I needed to know I had did what I could that day. I always took small steps and reached towards the light. I am very emphatic and sensitive, always have been.

    From 23 I was healthy enough to start working again and being more and more myself, but something was still missing, even if I did everything I knew right.

    So I build my life up very much in my material, personal, health and spiritual path from I was 23-27...

    Now I am 29 years old.

    When I was 27, almost 28, suddenly lots of things happened in my life in 6 month time, but before this time I had felt something building up. If I told you everything you would think it was from a movie.
    This took med back into the darkness for a couple of month, but I had always the connection, and I looked at everything as a test from the universe, and I still do whatever happens... But the thing was, after all these incidents at the sam time I had so much darkness, anger and negative thoughts in me.. But I had no interest of having darkness in my life and having negative thoughts. I know that darkness creates more darkness, and light creates light, and I am living for the light and want to be a good person. So I started meditating every day and doing yoga almost every day, added on all the other things I did before... And after a very short period of time actually, I got the need to use my skills, and to use them to help people... I never had the oppertunity to use my skills in my work before. I was a truck driver and post man while i had my focus on healing myself and not get stuck in the job and the normal life. So 3 month I did not what to do, but I was very happy, because I knew that in someway I would find a way for this to happen... It was just a matter of time, I felt healed and whole for the first time in 10 years... I had no idea i would get the urge to help people but it happened. So now I have changed my career from truck driver to a personal trainer, and I am working in a health store helping people every day.

    And I have been searching to find meaning and truth, knowing that the meaning and truth for me was not the regular path... So the last year when I have been able much of the time to tap into and/or create this energy I have been using this energy, or this connection as a guide... Some people and circumstances taps me from the power to tap into the energy, so I think they are not good for me, and on the other hand, some peoples company lets me easy access this energy, so I feel they are right for me, same way of guiding myself I am using with choices, such as jobs and other choices in life. I feel as I long I maintain the connection I am on my path and have purpose as you say. And I have been wondering if some choices are worth tapping out of this connection in a limited time to gain long term benefits to get into some struggles. Because some struggles in life we maybe should and need to go through. 

    You probably know what I mean there.

    Like 6 month after I started meditating I was having some wierd experiences for a few month, maybe 3 month or so. When I startet to meditate and focused on relaxing and slowing my breath I felt a pressure in my head... When I "followed" the pressure, and did not get scared of the pressure I felt I stopped my heart for a beat and I felt a big pressure in my head... Often these times I would follow it I ended up with almost fainting and having spasms for a short period of time. One time I passed out for a few second...  could even create the pressure several times during one meditation session. But it went away... Do you know what this is?

    These days I am trying my best to stay in connection but there is still aftereffects from everything that happened in 2016, but this whole experience basically kicked my ass back on the track I am supposed to go, at least it feels like it, and I am grateful for everything that happened, if not maybe the big change would never happen, or happen later......

    So I am grateful to be able to enjoying life, and contribute to a better world. And I am grateful for your answer... I am the only one I know digging deep and are managing to keeping my dicipline up, but I meet so many open minded and like minded people these days, so I do not longer feel lonely as I did before. Even if I had many friends i felt lonely before. But now it is magical and exciting times


    Hhk Hhk on April 15, 2018

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    That is a huge journey that you have been on. Awakening is not about being the "best" person. We are all the best people at our essence, and awakening is about us remembering that. Awakening fully is also about being conscious of our negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour so we can make choices around them, rather than having them unconsciously control us! 

    People are awakening all over the world to take part in evolving the world in a more conscious, loving wise way and it sounds like that is your life's purpose too.

    The pressure you feel in meditation is an opportunity for you to accept it, breath into it (all pain is resistance to what is) and you will often get insights or understandings about things you need to move through and let go of on your journey in expanding your consciousness. 

    It sounds like your experiences although challenging, was to give you the experience to support others on their journey to awakening. More and more people, like you are digging deep, more and more people are living life from the "inside out". This is the way to true peace and happiness. 

    These are indeed magical and exciting times.

    Deborah Tyson on April 15, 2018

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