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How do I have more energy?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Body on August 4, 2016

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    Learn to tune into your energy system and know how you are really feeling. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Do you need to rest? Listening to your body is the key. Too often we are consumed by our mind, being driven by our “to do” list, too busy to listen to even our most faithful friend, that truly has our best interests at heart and that is our body.

    Starting your day with a ritual that supports a peaceful state of mind can be helpful. For example, visualise how you would like the day to go. Visualise the events of the day occurring in a flowing, manageable way. At the end of the day set aside 5 or 10 minutes to be thankful for your day unfolding as it did. See any challenges as learnings designed for your evolution and growth.

    Self-care is key when it comes to avoiding burnout. Generally lead a healthy lifestyle, with good eating, sleeping and exercise habits. When you look after yourself and keep your cup full, you will have extra energy to share with others that will not be at your expense.

    Most importantly learn how to say no to things that are asked of you that are going to be to your detriment. When you are feeling overworked and tired—you need rest, not to take on any more responsibilities. When someone wins at your expense it is not a balanced flow of energy and the situation will not be sustainable. When you give to others at your expense, you can later feel resentful and that does not create a positive flow of energy between you.

    Value yourself with confidence. Treat yourself as you would your best friend. After all, when you are an adult, the person responsible for looking after you is you.

    Blisspot Wellbeing on February 27, 2017

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