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How do I maintain my energy for the whole day?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Body on June 18, 2016

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    Start with a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body. We are not talking about coffee and toast, but rather life enhancing foods. Proteins are molecules that are vital to every living cell and are critical for the normal functioning of the human body. Therefore to maintain your vitality it is important to have protein at EVERY MEAL. For example, include eggs at breakfast, cooked or a raw egg in your smoothie will sustain your energy levels until lunchtime. Follow this up with the inclusion of protein for lunch and dinner.

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day: 2 litres is recommended for adults. You can make this easy by taking a 2 litre bottle with you are having a 2 litre jug on your desk and making sure it is empty by the end of the day! 

    Eat small portions of food regularly throughout the day, to prevent overloading your digestive system and to keep your energy levels up. Choose foods without sugar and less carbohydrates; rather go for fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurts (sugar-free) and lean meats. 

    Get your body moving by walking around and stretching your body, when sitting for long periods of time.
    Fuel your body with around eight hours sleep per night to feel energetic and fresh throughout the day. 

    Blisspot Wellbeing on June 18, 2016

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