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How do I use a foam roller?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Body on June 18, 2016

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    Find a space that is big enough to comfortable stretch out and use the foam roller with is essentially a self-massage tool. The foam roller is designed to release tight areas in your muscles, you probably notice that particular areas are tighter than others and they will require more attention. Slide the foam roller; backwards and forwards along your muscle, to release pressure.

    Applying your whole body weight on top of the roller creates a deeper massage. Adjust the pressure you are applying according to the level of discomfort you are experiencing when using the roller. For the best results, take your foam roller with you if you are doing a workout away from home and use in on your muscles as part of the warm down or straight after the workout.

    Popular places to use the foam roller are: back (upper, mid and lower), thighs (front and back), bottom (the largest muscles), calves and shins.

    Blisspot Wellbeing on June 18, 2016

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