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How do I create the ideal relationship with my boyfriend?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Relationships on June 17, 2016

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    Have a positive intent towards your relationship. When you see the best in others, that is often how they will respond to you. Share values such as trust, honesty, integrity go a long way in creating a solid, stable relationship. Never, ever accept behaviour that does not value you as the beautiful person that you are.

    When you do have a difference of opinion or challenging times, work through them together, in a mature way, ideally in a non-reactive state. If one or both of you is highly reactive give that person or both of you, some space to process any highly charged feelings. Get back together when you are both ready to talk through the issue.

    Never sweep important things under the carpet as this can lead to resentment in the long run. Address the behaviours that are not working for the both of you and then focus on seeing the light in your boyfriend. Loving and appreciating that special person in your life is the greatest gift you can give them. 

    Blisspot Wellbeing on June 17, 2016

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