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How do you resolve sibling rivalry between adults?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Relationships on June 17, 2016

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    Address any negative feelings you may have towards your sibling (or they may have towards you)—it could be envy or jealousy. Try and put yourself in their shoes, it may be easier to see where they are coming from if you can imagine the situation from their perspective, and proceed with empathy and understanding.

    If your outlooks differ greatly, agree to disagree—ending the argument is more important than further fracturing your relationship. Reach out to your sibling and find some common ground; you can do an activity that you both enjoy. Rebuild the bond slowly; laugh at an old inside joke or watch a movie you shared during childhood. Value your sibling as they are probably one of the people that you are most likely to have long shared history and a shared future with.

    Blisspot Wellbeing on August 10, 2016

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