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    Learn to recognise when you are being manipulated and by who. Is it usually the same person? Think about what is fair for someone to ask or expect from you. If you feel a relationship is one-sided or doesn't give you a good feeling, then look to your inner world and ask how you are feeling. Become really still within and focus on the feeling, initially, you may not know but be patient and the feeling will come to you.

    If you are feel used, like a victim or hurt, accept and acknowledge that you feel this way. Then imagine yourself instead feeling valued, empowered or feeling joyous. Really imagine feeling this way and feel grateful for the feelings. When you have processed your feelings as described above and if you are still having problems you may need to distance yourself from the person who is manipulating you—particularly if they are violent or emotionally abusive in any way. It can be helpful to discuss this with a trusted friend or professional therapist to sort out how you really feel.

    It is a basic human right to be treated with respect, so set boundaries to ensure that you are treated as the valuable and worthy person you are!

    Blisspot Wellbeing on August 11, 2016

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