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How do I cope with my parents divorce?

Posted By Blisspot Wellbeing in Parenting on June 17, 2016

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    Children often feel somehow responsible for their parent's divorce. It can be an automatic response: that if they had have behaved differently or better their parents would have stayed together. Nothing could be further from the truth. Divorce is NEVER the child’s fault. Parents are fully responsible adults who are fully responsible for their decisions and behaviours. They have their own special reasons for separating that they may want to protect you from or they are often too overwhelmed by their emotions to explain things to you. If they could you would realise that you are not to blame in any way.

    Your parents have made a decision that for whatever reason that they do not want to continue living with their partner. This can be hard for children when the feelings are not mutual and they have to witness someone they love more than anything in the world suffering.

    As a child, it is important to realise that generally, things will heal with time. Your parents are responsible for their feelings and their healing journey. Ask your parents questions to help you understand things if you need to. If they are not willing to answer do not be concerned they may be feeling overwhelmed themselves just trying to cope with navigating a new life.

    If you need help working through your feelings and a parent is not emotionally available for you at this time, talking to a trusted friend, relative or a school counsellor can be incredibly helpful. Look after yourself, always see yourself as the beautiful child that you are, with the things you love to do. Focus on the things that make you happy in life.

    Blisspot Wellbeing on August 10, 2016

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