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No thank you. Sometime it's that simple!
How good are you at saying no?
Can you do it without the guilt?
Can you say it to some people confidently and not others or do you find it tough to say to anyone?
Do you get annoyed with yourself after you KNOW you should have said no, but you've found yourself saying yes?
Well, I think we all have times when we have experienced all the above so don't beat yourself up.
Saying no is something we need to learn to do. It is a skill, just like confidence and it's a skill to be able to say it confidently.
I often talk about treating our time & energy as though it is money. If someone walked up to you and asked you for $1, maybe you wouldn't worry so much and just hand it over. It's not that big of a deal to you to loose $1 after all.
But maybe they want $100 or $1000 - would you be OK to say no to someone wanting this much from you?
Well, your life... your time, your energy, your focus... have value. To be able to say no confidently you need to first understand that value for yourself.
People will keep asking (especially if you keep giving) so work out what 1 minute of your time is worth to you - will you happily give that away to something you don't really want to do?
What about 1 hour?
What about 1 day?
What about 3 days? and so on... you get the drift, right?
Treat your life like money and you will find it easier to say no confidently when others ask you to give more than you wish to.

"No thank you. Sometime it's that simple!"

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DESCRIPTION : Confidence is a skill you can learn, practice and master. It takes learning the practical confidence techniques that work for you and making them part of your everyday life.

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