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I am being left out of plans with my friend group and I am feeling quite lonely. What should I do? 

Posted By Aby Williamson in Relationships on August 22, 2017

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    It can be really painful to be left out, especially by people who you consider as friends. Acknowledge and validate how you feel and it will help the feelings to pass, rather than get stuck in your energetic system.

    Start to become aware of your thoughts around your friends. Are they positive or negative? Do you have a deep fear of feeling left out? If so acknowledge your fears. Fears are ok but it is when you act out on them that it makes the difference.

    Change your thoughts to life enhancing thoughts and beliefs around your friendship groups. Fill your mind with beliefs such as People enjoy my company, My friends and I have great times together, and My friends love being with me.

    Be honest with yourself: Are you putting out positive vibes while you are with your friends? If not they will sense this on an energetic level and are more likely to leave you out of things. Send out positive, fun-filled vibes and they will love to be with you.

    Do you instigate things to do with them to. The best relationships are those of Give and Take. Ensure that you are doing your fair share of the giving to avoid friendship resentment.

    If you have put your best friendship food forward and they are still not including you, it is just their issues and not much you can do about it. In this case it may be time to seek other friendships groups who appreciate and value the wonderful person that you are.

    Sarah Mitchell on August 24, 2017

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