The Problem

  • US $1tr

    In lost productivity globally each year due to absenteeism, presenteeism and worker compensation
    ~ World Health Organisation (2017)

  • Stress

    is the world’s leading form of disability.
    In fact, the hidden pandemic currently is mental health.
    ~ World Health Organisation (2017)

  • 15%

    of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs
    ~ Gallup (2017)

  • 90%

    of employees have said struggling from stress, anxiety or mild depression stops them from thriving at work
    ~ Health Shield (2018)

The Solution

Blisspot is an educational wellbeing platform that shares practical, implementable, wellbeing skills to support your employees to thrive. Solutions are tailored to meet your individual employees wellbeing requirements, in an engaging, effective way.

Why Blisspot

Blisspot is an innovative company that offers comprehensive wellbeing programs to support employees to live in an optimum state of wellness. Blisspot nurtures and maintains ongoing employee resilience, health and happiness, during challenging times.

  • The Best

    Wellbeing education
    from world class leaders

  • Convenient

    Available anytime,
    anywhere from a device

  • Quality

    Quality, curated, effective content

  • Tailored

    Tailored recommendations for employee challenges

  • Value

    High value solutions
    due to ability to
    scale content

Our Product

Blisspot is a preventative, proactive wellbeing solution. Education is the most powerful tool to support and maintain wellbeing. The personal dashboard recommends solutions to meet employees where they are at, in working through their individual challenges.

Blisspot's scalable technology provides a high quality wellbeing solution, that works, at a cost effective price.
Employees are able to access over a hundred online courses, podcasts and meditations from 70+ global wellness leaders.

Return on Investment

For every dollar spent on employee wellness, medical costs fall $3.27 and absenteeism costs drop $2.73—a $6-to-$1 return on investment (Harvard Research, 2018). In addition to ROI there are other benefits to wellness programs. As well as reducing sick days and healthcare costs, wellbeing programs have been found to increase employee productivity, creativity and workplace satisfaction.

  • Increased Engagement and Productivity

    Healthy workers achieve 143 effective full-time hours per month compared with 49 effective hours for unhealthy counterparts.

    ~ Medibank Private Study

  • Reduced

    Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.

    ~ The Center for Disease Control
    and Prevention

  • Reduced

    Presenteesim is when an employee is “at work” however not really “at work.” It’s a ‘hidden’ cost and is the true cost of an unhealthy workforce costing the US more than $150b each year.

    ~ The American Productivity Audit

  • Reduced
    Workers Comp

    Effective health and wellness programs have been shown to decrease workers compensation costs by 40.7%

    ~ Chapman, L.S

  • Improved Health of
    Ageing Employees

    Businesses that institute wellness programs to meet the needs of ageing employees will see big dividends.

    ~ Transamerica Center for
    Retirement, white paper

  • Reduced

    An organisation who does not manage health and wellbeing well, it is four times more likely to lose talent over the next twelve months.

    ~ The Right Management
    Company Research

  • Better

    Demonstrating a sense of social responsibility can improve a business's image with the public and can help them become an "employer of choice".


The Offer

When you work with Blisspot, you will be working with a team of people dedicated to crafting a world-class wellbeing solution and addressing the needs of your team in a highly enjoyable contemporary context. Custom packages are designed according to your company’s individual requirements.

Blisspot Offer

Wellbeing Package Example:

  • All-course Access to 110+ courses, podcasts and meditations
  • Personal dashboard for each employee
  • Goal Setting and other wellbeing tools
  • 4 Custom Webinars per year
  • 1 Yearly Wellness Summit
  • 90 Day Wellness Challenge
  • Access to world-class psychologists, counsellors and coaches for one-on-one support
  • Custom Prices according to required package

Support Your Team

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