• 90% of employees have said struggling with stress, anxiety or mild depression stops them from thriving at work and performing at their best.
    ~ Health Shield (2018)

  • 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs.
    ~ Gallup (2017)

  • $1 USD is lost in productivity globally each year due to absenteeism, presenteeism and workers compensation.
    ~ World Health Organisation (2017)

Our Commitment to You

Blisspot provides online wellbeing tools and education to provide tailored solutions to support employees to overcome any personal challenges and help them accomplish their goals.

  • Leaders

    Learn from the best to be the best

  • Convenient

    Available 24/7 from a device

  • Quality

    Curated, proven content to enhance wellbeing

  • Tailored

    Recommendations for your unique challenges

  • Value

    Quality education at less than $14pp monthly

The Best of Wellbeing to be your Best

Blisspot delivers practical wellbeing ideas and strategies that management and teams can implement right away to  start feeling a positive difference. Our Blisspot Wellbeing leaders educate in the 8 pillars of wellbeing: self-care, stress, emotions, sleep, relationships, parenting, body and nutrition.

Positively impact your team with:

  • Improved Health and Vitality
  • Increased Innovation
  • Enhanced Resilience and Confidence
  • Enhanced Performance and Creativity
  • Improved Communication and Cohesiveness
  • Increased Engagement and Retention
  • Improved Focus and Decision Making
  • Reduced Absenteeism and Management Skills
  • Boosted Happiness Levels and Enthusiasm
  • Increased Returns, Growth and Better Opportunities
  • Ability to Transcend Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout
  • Creating a Culture that they are proud of

One Stop Wellness Shop

Live in optimum wellness in a way that’s tailored, quality and affordable.
Access as little, or in-depth wellness support, to suit your needs. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your Personal Playground

Explore, discover and record with wellbeing tools that you can use to set goals, express your appreciation, create a vision for the future, list your dreams and record your progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost?
    Blisspot operates on a licensing arrangement for companies over a year, to allow time for implementation, learning, feedback, growth and transformation to occur.

    For discounted company deals with customised support, email [email protected] and a customer service specialist will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • How does the process work?
    Blisspot is a one stop wellness shop where your employees can create their own ‘personal playground’ to explore their wellness journey in a way that suits their unique wellbeing needs.

    Employees can explore their wellbeing at their level and in their timeframe. Leading online Wellbeing Education is provided by 60+ experts specialising in the 8 pillars of wellbeing: self-care, stress, emotions, sleep, relationships, parenting, body and nutrition.

    Blisspot caters to all cultures, ages and learning styles. Employees get unlimited access to online courses, podcasts, and meditations, along with new updates, Q&A, blogs, inspirational quotes, goal setting, gratitude journal, a vision board and bucket list, and the ability to track their wellbeing progress.

    As all content is online it can be accessed anytime, anywhere in a convenient and affordable way that suits your employee. They can tap into wellbeing support from the comfort of their home or get a wellbeing top up during their lunch break.
  • What support is available for my team?
    All Blisspot corporate wellbeing programs work with a Blisspot Wellbeing manager dedicated to your company. Your manager will ensure that your wellbeing program is aligned with your objectives and goals. The manager will monitor your program throughout, to ensure that your employees and company are achieving your desired results

    Your dedicated manager will provide in-house training to get your employees started on their wellness journey in the best way possible. They will then be available for ongoing support to answer any questions and to guide your team in achieving its wellbeing goal and objectives.
  • How will I know if we are getting results?
    All progress of your team is measured by the internationally renowned Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI). The PWI is a simple yet comprehensive survey to record wellbeing results as it measures how satisfied a person feels with their life as a whole.

    The PWI questionnaire highlights where additional support is needed so that employees feel happy and healthy in all areas of their life.

    Our reporting system in the form of aggregated data will allow you to see the month by month wellbeing transformation of your team that will support your company’s growth.