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How do I stay healthy this winter?

Posted By Dante Campagnaro in Self Care on Aug 21

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    Hi Dante. Good question. I'm going to assume you mean physically healthy? 

    There are a couple of things you can do to help maximize your chances of staying healthy during the winter. By all means protect your immune system. And you can do that by eating healthy. Not knowing where you live, many people experience sadness during the winter months. And for many of us, our first thought is to grab some comfort food, or have a drink. Both comfort foods and alcohol deplete the immune system. Make healthy choices if stress is part of your health concerns during the winter months. 
    Again not knowing where you live, if winter brings shorter days and longer nights, exercise will help with not only keeping you physically healthy, but mentally sharp too. Exercise need not be be formal in terms of going to the gym. The key is movement. Walking, cleaning house or going for a swim will all afford you healthy benefits. Keeping the blood circulating is so important. During the winter, many of us cut down on physical activity. So please keep moving. 
    Still, one of the best things you can do is be mindful. Pay attention to your body. What is it telling you? Pay attention to your inner circle. Are they making comments like they don't see you anymore, or do they ask you if something is wrong? Winter months bring holidays. Holidays bring isolation and bad feelings/memories for many. Being mindful of both of what you body and inner circle are saying will be a great advantage. If you're feeling off. Reach out for help. 

    Vance Larson on Aug 22

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    Thank you Vance! Great advice.

    Dante Campagnaro on Sep 3

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