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How to Connect with People

On Relationships
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Examining and being aware of the way you are in relationships allows you to make choices around them. Understanding yourself with kindness and compassion helps you to understand and relate to others in more loving ways. Self-awareness creates a deeper understanding, connection and more joy in your life. 


A step-by-step guide to connecting with people:


  1. Evolve the skills to manage your energy. Observing and accepting your feelings and acting on them from choice rather than reacting, helps you to feel emotionally stable. An emotionally stable person is usually more fun to be around. When you don’t take things personally and instead stay at the moment, you will be more in tune with others and have sound wisdom to share.

  2. Recognise and address conflict in the early phases when it is easier to resolve. Resolve conflict (if possible) by sitting down and discussing it with the person directly.

  3. Practice being in a loving state with others—soft, kind and gentle. Avoid saying contentious things that may create a reaction.

  4. Focus on the positives within your relationship and work through any challenges in a constructive way.

  5. Give people your full attention, rather than letting your mind take you elsewhere. You will hear what they are saying and be able to give meaningful responses. Deeply listening without judgement is one of the kindest gifts you can give.


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For more ideas on how to connect to people see: Love Now eCourse

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