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Everyone wants to be happy! The question usually is, how can we feel this way more consistently and are there ways to fast track this process? The journey starts with looking inwards. External situations are often unstable and impermanent in how happy they make us; that is that they come and go. However true sustainable happiness can be found within, as it is stable, real and not something that can be taken away from us.


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We begin by looking inwards and becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, and resulting behaviours. Awareness allows us to make choices as to how we would like our lives to be. Any thoughts held regularly can become beliefs. If we are not aware of our thoughts or beliefs, they are unconscious.

If we unconsciously project our beliefs out into the world, it can limit us from living the fully expanded joyous life we are born to live. These types of beliefs are called limiting beliefs. When we start to let go of and rise above our story, fears, and limiting beliefs, we are ready to let go of suffering and live a life of conscious choices.

To move beyond limiting beliefs, the first action is to observe any uncomfortable feelings resulting from the belief. This process facilitates our thoughts, shifting from our unconscious to the conscious. Any discomfort or confusion is often a sign that a previously unconscious belief is surfacing into your awareness.

When you feel any tension or confusion in your body, ease any resistance by telling yourself it's ok “not to know” exactly why you feel uncomfortable. When you relax and don’t give your ego any power, it will facilitate thoughts transferring from the unconscious to the conscious.

When we are aware of our negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, we can consciously choose beliefs that support us in living a wonderful life. Writing the beliefs in a journal can help us review our thoughts and see how we are transforming our world by creating a new way of thinking.

This technique requires us to work with ourselves energetically as we tap into our bodies becoming very present to how we feel. Although this process can be uncomfortable initially (the degree of discomfort relates directly to how much we are resisting our feelings), it can create deep and lasting change as we transform our inner world. This process supports the journey from feeling disempowered to empowered.

Our conditioning creates our unconscious beliefs as repeated events lead to specific reoccurring thought patterns, that over time create our beliefs. We would never consciously think things that would hurt others or ourselves. These types of thoughts are created unconsciously—when we have taken on ideas or thoughts from others without even really thinking about it or by making a conscious choice around it.

By observing our thoughts, we can gain awareness of our inner world, allowing ourselves to become more conscious. Consciousness allows us to choose thoughts that support us—enabling us to act in ways that we would like—rather than being victims of unconscious behaviour.

So by making a shift in our awareness from the external to the internal we can create a life beyond pain and suffering of peace, joy, and bliss.


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