What is Blisspot?

An online wellness community offering courses, coaching and more to help you along your personal journey

What you can do

  • For You

    Customised for your wellbeing needs, For You gives you access to a personalised social feed, wellbeing tools and more!

  • The Bliss Blog

    Read free, expert written article on all aspects of Wellbeing, or contribute your own articles!

  • Community Q&A

    Have a question about your wellbeing? Tap into the knowledge of the Blisspot community on our Q&A page.

  • Get Inspired

    Share your favorite inspirational quotes and photos , or check out those shared by our community!

  • Coaching

    Get one on one coaching with our experts, world leaders from from all fields of wellbeing.

  • Courses

    Want to learn to improve yourself? Our courses will teach you about yourself and others.

  • Guides

    Our free reports will provide you with a step by step guide to growing yourself into more well-roaunded person.

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A message from our founder
I’m Deborah Fairfull and I’m the founder of Blisspot, an online personal development community. I started Blisspot as a place for like-minded people to share their ideas and teachings to nourish and support each-others well-being, both emotional and physical. I wanted to create a community with the mission of creating a happy, healthy and inspired life, allowing our members to be their best selves.
There’s something for everyone here at Blisspot; you can write blogs or wikis to share your wisdom, you can ask or answer questions on our Q & A page,or even view or share your favourite quotes on our inspire page. We can help you find your little spot of bliss.

Grow with our courses

Our expert crafted courses will help you learn valuable skills to improve your wellness.

  • BODY

    Bliss Body

    Pilates, posture and back pain course

  • MIND

    Bliss Every Day

    The path to empowerment and confidence


    Yoga for Beginners

    An active introduction to yoga

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Keep it personal

Make your personal journey affordable, fun and effective.
When you create a Blisspot account you'll get access to these free wellbeing tools!
Goals and Challenges
Goals and Challenges

Set and track your life goals and challenges


Document your journey in your private journal

Vision Board
Vision Board

Collect your thoughts, goals and feelings on a beautiful canvas

Your Feed
Your Feed

Share your wellbeing journey with the Blisspot community

Bucket List
Bucket List

Remind yourself of the great things you hope to do one day

Progress Tracking

Track your wellbeing progress over time

New Questions

Consult our experts

Get one on one consultations from our wellbeing experts.
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